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WAITIKI in Hi-Fi (Pass Out Records; April 12, 2011). The vinyl-only release of new material finally gives listeners —die-hard exotica connoisseurs, record collectors, or the merely tiki-curious— a chance to sit back and savor the group’s fresh look at a midcentury music in clear, rich analog.


Keeping true to exotica’s deep roots and intense demands on musicians with New Sounds of Exotica (Pass Out Records; June 7, 2010), the group brings heady passion, acoustic musicianship, and a love of old-school mixology to an art form just begging to be revisited and savored. 


Adventures in Paradise (Pass Out; August 18, 2009) is a contemporary reimagining of the classic exotica sound introduced on the islands exactly 50 years ago—the year of Hawaii’s statehood—by Martin Denny, a pianist who tapped into the tropical zeitgeist and created a whole new sound in the process. 


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